Operator’s Back-Office

Considering that Multimedia Home Gateways (MHG) aim at becoming the central Hub empowering the Micro Cloud in the Smart Home context, hence dealing with broadcast, telecom, home automation, energy efficiency and Smartgrid services, it becomes equally important to also enable either greenfield smart home operators, or broadcast incumbent operators, and even Telcos, to be able to monitor and further value their installed base of gateway Hub and boxes through captive connected interactive services, including profiled advertisement and services, as well as through a dedicated Application market place (Store). That is the HyperPanel Lab’s MHG Back-Office purpose and role.

Anticipating that MHGs will become the central hub when people get back home, like the smartphones ended up being the single personal hub device for communication and entertainment outside the home, HyperPanel integrated a back-office platform together with its MHG reference design software solution so that service operators could monitor and value their installed base.

This ability to interact with its existing customer base through their Hub boxes is indeed of prime importance for service operators in order to help them offering additional valuable services to their clients (which could include energy management, security monitoring, e-health services, a dedicated App market place, or any other profiled service) and in the end increase ARPUs and customer loyalty. In that context, Operators’ MHG, together with the back-office, appear to be particularly well positioned to help service providers catching these opportunities thanks to the complete remote operation technology combining:

  • at the MHG level, a tool to log any action and a web-store;
  • at the cloud level, a big-data type database capable of pulling these logs and then addressing the entire installed base an operator may have deployed either individually or by groups. Thanks to MHGs powered by HyperPanel’s software stack, together with its back-office, an operator dynamically display specific portals and widget stores to different customers according to their profile, hence nicely mixing broadcast content with extra profiled compelling elements.

The back-office also brings extra value for operators in relation to the administration of their installed base by easing client support (maintenance, billing, CRM, …).