Back-Office & B2B

HyperPanel Lab has developped an Operating System that is specifically architected and dimensioned to fully unleash the IoT coming Paradigm. It is scalable, agile, memory lightweight, modular and spreadable among HyperPanel Lab has decided to develop a complete Back-Office technology combining firstly, at the Media Home Gateway level, both (i) a tool to log any action and (ii) a webstore, and then at the cloud level, (iii) a big-data type database capable of pulling these logs, and then addressing individually or by groups the entire installed base an Operator may have deployed (to value the webstore, carry on the maintenance, proceed the billing, …).

Beyond SoHo use case, HyperPanel Lab has scaled this technology to operate in large scale industrial B2B deployments. This is typically the case for the Solaris energy positive building nearby Paris where HyperPanel Lab Back-Office collects on a real-time basis the logs coming from 20.000+ captors and IoT within the office building. Then, the information is processed in the Back-Office database, and prepared, both in terms of format and context, to be displayed on various TV sets (powered by HyperPanel Lab IP boxes) within the building.

Next to the Solaris project, HyperPanel Lab has also developped another version of the Back-Office for TV measurement purposes. The scope and purpose was to provide a HyperPanel Lab connected HbbTV set top box to panellists, and then collect very fine real-time logs (down to each zapping, settings, Internet browsing, etc). This system is currently up-and-running.

Further down the line, HyperPanel Lab has then developped a widget store enabling Operators to dynamically display different portals depending on the installed base they want to address. Some additional in-home automation use cases have also been integrated for demo purposes.

This Back-Office is eventually completed with a set of administrator tools that allow an operator to localise and ping any box connected via Google Earth, and then to see the hardware, software and widget store revisions and logs. A small cable operator in France is using that technology to maintain and value the IP cable boxes we have designed and rolled out for his subscribers.