Key Benefits & Unrivalled Performances

The most obvious characteristic of HyperPanel Lab’s OS lies in the performance and energy management it offers thanks to its drastically reduced hardware footprint. These unmatched capabilities are achieved through a complete reshape of critical functions and a unique architecture in which system resources handling is isolated at low level, offering an optimized and thus performing hardware management.

In addition, this ability to use low-end processors for similar or even higher performances does not only result in higher autonomy / lower consumption, but also significantly reduces hardware cost, thus offering among other things a strong competitive advantage in the context of low-cost IoTs or to address emerging markets.

In a nutshell, since it is ultimately designed to meet the drastic new challenges imposed by complex embedded and mobile systems, hence meeting typically the booming Internet Of Things (IoT) constraints, this unique General Purpose OS offers paramount competitive advantages, such as:

  1. Reduced energy consumption providing both amazingly increased autonomy to mobile devices, as well as global energy savings from consumer electronics;
  2. Unrivalled performances at drastically reduced cost thanks to a fully optimized architecture significantly lowering hardware loads;
  3. Superior security and robustness, coupled with real-time extended capabilities fostered at large by determinism and multiple timing management;
  4. Complete independence thanks to a 100% in-house architecture and source code providing full and long-tail copyrighted IPR;
  5. Easy porting onto new hardware platforms offering both a wide array of possible business cases, as well as the ability for Operators to be manufacturer agnostic.