Media Home Gateway Hub

The ALL-IN-ONE is a turnkey reference design which is powered by the HyperPanel latest MHG software stack. It is already industrialised, and therefore readily available for mass-production from HyperPanel’s duly authorised licensees. Various hardware and software combinations are possible, including the User Interface customisation, the I/O available, and indeed the casing design.

ASKEY- a leading Asian ODM Manufacturer that leverages on 25 years of excellence and which makes beyond 1.4 billion dollars annual revenues serving A-Brands worldwide - as well as SILIGENCE , are both licensed to produce, sell and OEMize the ALL-IN-ONE compelling MHG platform to both Operators and Master Distributors. Thanks to the HyperPanel’s software pack which unleashes MHG essential performances while using basic hardware components, the ALL-IN-ONE platform offers the absolute best value for money ratio in the Industry.


In a Smart Home context, the ALL-IN-ONE acts as a MHG Hub creating some kind of offline Micro-Cloud dealing seamlessly with whatever Media, Telecom and IoT patterns people will be mixing and scaling. This advanced Media Home Gateway (MHG) is capable of redistributing TV signals, both Broadcast and IP, but also Photos and Music’s, on any and all multiple screens at home. Doing so, it makes advanced IPTV and multiscreen use cases truly universal, because both operator independent, and matching the nearly 100% Broadcast reach. Simultaneously, and without jeopardizing the ultimate multiroom Digital TV performances created to enter people’s living-rooms, the HyperPanel multipurpose MHG also handles seamlessly multiple IoT to unleash Smart Home at everyone fingertips, even using the TV remote control and relying on the intuitive family TV screen to do so.

The Multiscreen / Multiroom MHG platform comprises:

  • SAT>IP® Server Certification (SES®).
  • Built-in HTTP Server enabling any Mobile device to enjoy through their legacy web-browser both multiscreen TV and NAS streaming. Moreover, any SmartPhone and Tablets can also become for the ALL-IN-ONE either a remote control, a keyboard and a mouse for smooth navigation.
  • 4 tuners (Satellite DVB-S/S2, Terrestrial DVB-T/T2, or Cable) with automatic multi demodulator switching. Unicable support for Satellite.
  • A built-in NAS type hard-disk solution (acting as a powerful Whole Home DVR capable of enabling beyond 10 concurrent access simultaneously).
  • A built-in WiFi Access Point managing video QoS and also performing Web proxy functions when connected to a legacy Broadband Modem (hence enabling a breakthrough Micro Cloud set-up, no matter if it is with or without Broadband access).
  • Unleashed whole home DVR and Multiscreen TV Server performances (4 screens no limit, as each one of them is capable of also time-shifting and recording each program accessed remotely). Follow-me function.
  • CAS 2 DRM optional. Compatible with HyperPanel TV and Service Operators Back-Office.


Beyond multiscreen SAT>IP and Whole-Home functions, the ALL-IN-ONE is as a base a truly Headed  Gateway  that  connects  to  the  main  TV  set.  Doing  so,  it  leverages  HyperPanel’s ultimate  Digital  TV  Middleware,  thus  offering  absolutely  awesome  set-top  box  and  PVR performances.

One could list the following ones:

  • Turbo Zap => As low as 1, and up to 1.5 second, ultra fast zapping time.
  • Turbo Boot => Sub 30 seconds boot time.
  • Turbo Record => Up to 3 HDTV recorded in parallel,  while  keeping livecontrol trick modes on a fourth one. No packet lost.
  • Turbo Disk => Next to zero latency time when accessing a recorded program.
  • As well as very useful extra features such as:
  • Ability to play & time-shift any of the recorded programs while recording are still in progress.
  • « Start-Over », and up to (x32) slow and fast motion modes.
  • Ability to convert a time-shift buffer (« start-over »), into a recording.
  • Very low power consumption, and total noise reduction.
  • Supports HbbTV and Webkit (HTML-5).
  • Modern and fluid icon based user interface.
  • Support for Smart Home various devices and protocols (eg: ENOCEAN, …).