IoT reference design

With analysts predicting above 50 billion Internet of Things circulating by 2020, this IoT new paradigm creates tremendously complex technical, operational and security challenges, which will lead into fundamentally reshaping Operating Systems to meet these new constraints.

As such, the IoT era requires a modular, configurable and expandable Real-Time OS (RTOS) to add improved scalability, connectivity, security, safety, and an extended feature set enabling advanced real-time performances, low latency and multi-core processor support.


Pursuing a consistent vision since the company’s inception, HyperPanel has capitalized on its immense R&D experience in embedded real-time OS to gradually build over time its 100% copyrighted General Purpose OS (GPOS).

Ultimately designed to meet the drastic new challenges imposed by complex embedded and mobile systems – thereby meeting typically the Internet of Things (IoTs) constraints – this unique GPOS offers paramount competitive advantages including:

  • Reduced energy consumption providing both dramatically increased autonomy to mobile devices and global energy savings from Consumer Electronics (CE)
  • Unrivalled performances at drastically reduced cost thanks to a fully optimized architecture significantly lowering hardware loads
  • Superior security and robustness coupled with real-time extended capabilities, as well as advanced scalability, determinism and seamless multiple timing management
  • Complete independence given the 100% in-house architecture and source code providing full and long-tail copyrighted Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
  • Easy porting onto new hardware platforms offering both a wide array of possible business cases, as well as the ability for operators to be manufacturer agnostic.

Please contact HyperPanel to submit your complex IoT design.