Porting and Scalability

When going from one hardware platform to another, most (nearly 99%) of the source code remains strictly identical (Only the low level drivers have to be modified in order to handle the I/O via read & write processes). That brings  unrivalled competitive advantage to HyperPanel Lab’s partners in terms of both fast time to market, and genuine independence from the manufacturers.

The Operating System layer – which is acting as an enabler mean – remains identical from one platform to another. It is as such the orchestra conductor of the Box. It is in charge of all the hardware resources management - including the memories, the processor, the I/O - in order to perform the proper processing of the HyperPanel Lab software suite in a given Box. This Operating System is divided into 4 different levels of execution: (i) an interruption Handler, (ii) an I/O monitor, (iii) a RTOS (Real Time Operating System), and last but not least (iv) the VMOS (Virtual Machine Operating System) which is another sub Operating System being a virtual machine based on finite-state automata (i.e.: it is a Turing Machine implementation).


Hardware Architecture3 Levels Architecture Enables Unmatched