In House Real Time Operating System

HyperPanel Lab’s OS specific architecture offers the ability to truly unleash performances thanks to a completely reshaped and optimized hardware management. It also eases implementation on almost any hardware architecture. Combined with its real-time features and mainframe oriented architecture, our OS offers additional capabilities in terms of performances, security, robustness and autonomy that no other General Purpose OS, because they are PC centric only, are in a position to offer to date.

Here are the 7 essential concepts that make the HyperPanel Lab’s OS architecture unrivalled when it comes to meet future edge IoT constraints

  • Machine to Machine (M2M) hardware resources sharing => dynamically exchanging processes and hardware resources, rather than just files.
  • Scalability / Sizing => Instead of resizing the OS for different products & memory footprint.
  • Determinist operating mode => Essential to accommodate simultaneously highly critical and demanding services without affecting the global robustness and load.
  • Telecom and Broadcast seamless capabilities => to meet state of the art hybrid use cases.
  • Programing language => to avoid overheads of interpreted languages when dealing with system issues.
  • Dealing with different timings => to enable the emergence of any kind of instant and money driven services (e.g.: betting).
  • Multimedia DNA => Video is now a constant in any multimedia context.