Technology transfer

Back in 1995 and 1996, HyperPanel Lab developed the whole software, including the OS involved, the Middleware and the CAS, for the world first Digital Pay TV DTH deployment carried on in April 96 by CanalSatellite®.

That breakthrough technological outcome was licensed by HyperPanel Lab to Canal+®, which from there onward, then extended the Canal Technology® Division, up to the point of selling it some years later to Thomson®, which soon after sold it back with another significant profit in two parts to both Nagra® (Mediaguard® CAS) and NDS® (MediaHighway® Middleware). Ever since then, NDS®, now CISCO®, keeps on using some HyperPanel Lab IP.

That said, HyperPanel Lab has all copyrights of the software suite it markets, including the complete Operating System (RTOS) and Middleware involved. The company is therefore ideally positioned, even more so since it desires to remain a Lab, to transfer relevant know how and IP to large groups which, as Canal+ successfully did, could then create their own independent R&D division, and possibility even sell it for 9 digits numbers a couple of years later.