Turnkey Software Porting

When considering the Digital TV receivers’ software Industry, the Market usually goes threefolds with each time different stakeholders involved:

  1. The companies, or communities, working on the OS Kernel and chipset reference designs.
  2. The companies porting on top of such Kernels a Digital TV Middleware and a CAS (theirs, or third Party ones).
  3. The companies specialized in User Interface and interactive application oriented experiences.

HyperPanel Lab is the only company capable of bringing and controlling every aspects of the whole solution, from OS to Middleware and UI. Beyond the interest of having a one stop shopping partner, that unique approach unleashes fundamental benefits: the robustness, integrity, cost and performances. As a matter of fact, the fully integrated architecture avoids complex and heavy processes between numerous stacks, hence achieving excellence, while only requiring ordinary mainstream hardware components (processor, memories, hard-disk, tuners, connectors, …). This enables Operators to remain independent from manufacturers if needs be, and vice versa, the ODM from third parties’ OS upgrade roadmaps (even Linux).

Beyond performances, it also fosters unrivalled system integrity and authentication leverage. Hence; it finally leads towards enjoying the benefits of low-cost solutions, and therefore to be in a position to address now, and massively, all households, in any countries.